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In China until September

After a week touring Hong Kong on our own, we surprised Eric’s parents by meeting them at the airport before our trip to China. It was such a delight to see people we know and love, and so bizarre that it was halfway across the world. One and a half days of cramming in as much as we could together in Hong Kong, we hopped two trains to make it to Zhangjiajie for our 10-day tour of China. This is

Zanzibar: A Land of Peace and Love

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Three months of tiresome travel, with a number of camping trips through Africa definitely took its toll on our energy levels. Contrary to popular belief, this trip doesn’t exactly classify as a vacation; more precisely, it is an adventure. We are traveling to interesting destinations and actively seeking out new experiences. As funny as it may sound, this requires a fair amount of effort that can take both a physical, as well as an emotional toll. The fear of burning

Tanzania: A Land Where Diversity Thrives

Tanzania The Wandering Soles safari

Every single day, we count ourselves lucky to be doing what we’re doing. Our experiences in Tanzania have only heightened this feeling of gratitude. After 30 days touring this spectacularly beautiful country, we have the stories (and photos) to show for it. It could be the fact that we had a month to explore, or that its long history has resulted in a vibrant and unique culture; or it could be the fact that we got to experience the city,

Botswana: A Land of Abundance and Scarcity

Botswana: A Land of Abundance and Scarcity

As we sit here in our accommodation in Dar Es Salaam with no electricity or running water, there is a sense of calm between us. We have quickly learned that plans in Africa go wrong more often than not, so it is probably best not to make them. In Canada, it was very rare for electricity to cut out, and when it did, it would usually be on again in no time. We tend to take things like that for